We change the way you interact and consume training content!

Who’s Koach?

Koach is your new EduTainment platform to easily push out new information and content to team members, assess their needs and better identify areas of improvement.

Coming from different backgrounds, we understand that in an organisation setting, it can get challenging to push out new content and ensure every team member is aware and familiar with the latest updates, all while running through an enormous daily to-do list. So Koach is here to help! With a sleek and intuitive interface, Koach’s user experience is second to none. A single stage for you to conduct online training and e-assessments, push out new policy documents and gain access to data-driven performance reports, Koach is the friend you will grow to love.

Koach is in essence a platform that has been built with user experience as its core concern to ensure learners of all ages stay engaged as life-long learners.

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