NCE Sport, a product division of NCE Sporting Events LLC which brings international experiences to US youth soccer players across the globe to some of the most challenging and beautiful venues. A few of these destinations are Italy, Spain, Ireland and Costa Rica.

NCE Sport brings the most essential sport products being used around the world to the US for training youth athletes, increasing skill set as well as educating communities with both technology and old school best practices. NCE Sport started back in 2018 on the concept of how they can bring back the “pick up” game into neighborhoods evolving into a company who’s mission is to make the game fun again along with making their players best suited for success!

Proving high quality, additional training opportunities for grassroots footballers, regardless of their ability or previous playing experience.

The Movement Coach is an experienced professional coach with over a decade of working at some of England’s most prestigious football clubs including Chelsea FC, Norwich City FC & Cambridge United FC.  Over this time he has coached across the globe and has worked closely with many professional players you witness play in Europe, Asia & Americas top leagues.
This partnership allows our customers to access a whole library of different training videos and ideas!

Created to support the development of players & coaches at all levels of the game, Evolution Soccer Coaching has been developed by a team of highly-experienced football professionals, all of whom have worked at the highest level in English Football.

Evolution Soccer offers various courses to help develop coaches at all levels of the game including their FREE coaching apprenticeship and traineeship for qualifying participants. These courses can be provided with benefits which include…

  • FREE to qualifying learners
  • Study online during lockdown
  • Develop your coaching knowledge & network
  • A government grant of up to £3000 per learner available

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Sporting Her is an agency focused on supporting women and girls in sport via sport media and commercial management. Sporting Her aims to inspire, educate, and support through the content they create.
In addition to this, Sporting Her also connects sport clubs / events and businesses via sponsorship and partnerships to create strategic deals that are mutually beneficial. Not only does this provide financial support for clubs and events, but provides exciting marketing opportunities for brands to gain exposure through sport.

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