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    Koach is expanding rapidly and making a difference in the lives of coaches, players and parents across the globe. Koach is currently used by clubs in 15 countries, and we at Koach would like you to be a partner in our success through our referral program.

    How Our Referral Program Works.

    Our referral program is available across the globe. Just follow the steps below to be part of Koach’s Referral Program!

    Step 1

    Fill in the form and sign up for referral program.

    Step 2

    Introduce Koach to the club, sports body, college, or high school and make the sale.

    Step 3

    Once the client is onboard, your referral fee will be credited to your account.


    Koach helps clubs create new revenue streams to maintain and manage player data.

    Koach is a complete player management application built solely for soccer by coaches. Koach elevates a club’s digital capabilities by helping coaches to manage training sessions, parent / player communications, record attendance and gain access to more advanced features such as player and match analytics.

    Koach is for everyone : players or parents can log in and check on areas of improvements real time based on evaluations of players from the coaching staff. Koach also provides the ability for a player to have his or her very own digital resume throughout their sporting career which can be used for college applications or sponsorships.

    Koach is a fully fledged application built to be used both on and off the field. Therefore we have made it as intuitive and accessible as possible. The application can be downloaded via    

    Benefits for Customers

    • Create new revenue streams for the club
    • Manage player data, match analytics, and communication within one application
    • Real-time Individual Action Plans (IAPs) for each player ensuring a high level of player/parent engagement
    • Multiple communication channels to all teams with ability to maintain all relevant player documentations via the app
    • Integration with PlayerMaker and other external data providers

    Step One:

    Setup a demo with one of our sales staffs to find out how Koach could benefit your organization!

    Step Two:

    Configure and setup your club on Koach! We will help you set this up within a couple of days. All you need to do is provide us some details such as player names and email addresses.

    Step Three:

    Players and parents to can download the app to their mobiles and/or tablets and you are on your way!
    If you are a player or parent and would like to use Koach, we kindly request you to get your Club or School administration to get in touch with s. You can also gain exciting monitory rewards via our referral program for any successful club / school that signs up for Koach.

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