About Us

Times have changed, and so must we

Koach is about evolving with times and changing the way we learn. Established in 2020 at a little red dot called Singapore, Koach is made up of a group of friends who come from all walks of life – some of us are teachers, some transformed tech companies, some are best friends since school days, and some are those that we met along the way. With all of us coming from different walks of life, we form a melting pot of different cultures, learning (and teaching) habits and experience from different sectors.

So what do we do exactly? Well, Koach by Knod is a streaming platform that is built to facilitate remote learning. With a sleek and intuitive interface, Koach forms a stage for online learning, e-assessments and personal growth. Koach is designed as an on-demand learning platform for you to easily consume new content, stay updated with the latest organisation information and policies, and administer assessments to ensure every team member remains relevant.

With Koach, you will also access data-driven feedback and reports to ensure team members are engaging with the content and better assess their strengths and points of improvement.

Keen to find out more?
Write to us at support@knod.sg and watch the magic unfold!