Times have changed,
and so must we

Welcome to Koach by KNOD, an innovative SportsTech company based in Singapore, where our unwavering passion lies in developing athletes and uplifting communities. Embrace the power of our cutting-edge Mobile Application that not only empowers your club but also unlocks boundless possibilities for every single player.

So what do we do exactly? Koach Hub offers a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance player development and elevate club management to new heights. By harnessing the power of technology and data, we provide clubs with a seamless all-in-one solution that drives progress and unlocks endless opportunities.

We at Koach have recognized the overlooked potential of grassroots players. Thereby, making it our mission to prioritise their needs. By providing extensive data, valuable insights, and predictive analytics, we empower these players to thrive and reach their full potential.

Through innovative technologies, groundbreaking initiatives, and collaborative partnerships, we aim to reshape the soccer landscape, creating a brighter future for players, clubs, and the global soccer community.

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Write to us at support@knod.sg and watch the magic unfold!


The Shield

A Symbol of Strength and Unity.

The Shield serves as a reminder of the unwavering strength and unity that runs through the veins of our organization.

Owl and the ball

Intelligence and Passion for the Sport.


The owl, with its intelligence, symbolizes the brainpower behind our technology while the ball embodies our passion for the sport and dedication to helping players succeed. It represents our unwavering commitment to empower players and fuel their success.

Together, our logo represents the perfect fusion of smart, strategic decision-making on and off the field. A symbol of our mission to elevate the game and the players who play it.

Our product journey mirrors the transformation of a father into a dedicated ‘soccer dad’. It’s a deeply personal journey that our co-founder Tariq Cassim took, and we’re proud to enable that transformation to countless parents around the globe.


Our Chiefs

Visionaries behind Koach! 

Futsal Session

Throwback to when the Koach team stepped away from technology to have some fun by immersing themselves in the game first hand!

Get together

Koach team dinners!

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