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We are a team with members and collaborators working together from all over the world to provide our clients with an all encompassing platform which will help them be ahead of the game.
We are a team of coaches, IT professionals, creatives and engineers that have come together to democratise SportsTech and make tech available to all, at all levels of the game.

Join a globally expanding team today. We hire for openness, willingness to learn, and a proactive nature and value candidates with the right skill set over certifications. If you like to work in teams that value great work over loud voices, get in touch!


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If you don’t find a suitable position you can still send us an email to and we will keep you up-to-date regarding any career opportunities that match your interest.

Maintaining a culture
across the globe.


Effective communication is essential for maintaining a productive team that operates on a global scale. Transparency, clear direction, and consistent communication are key factors in promoting effective teamwork. To support these efforts, we have implemented daily stand-up and check point meetings, to bring the team together and create channels for open communication and feedback.

Work-life balance

We maintain a standard workweek of Monday through Friday, with a 40-hour schedule and ensure that team members have the opportunity to take time off for national holidays and vacations with friends and family. By promoting a healthier, less-stressed workforce, we foster creativity and drive better outcomes for our clients.

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