Get ready to level up your game with Koach Hub, because we’ve got the ultimate game-changer that will revolutionize the way you train and strategize. From team chats and last-minute alerts to scheduling and real-time game sharing, we’ve got all the features you need to succeed.

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Action Plans

Player evaluations

We provide data that helps YOU achieve results!

Want to elevate your players’ performance to the next level? Our data-driven analytics lets you track and analyze individual player progress, giving you the insights and tools you need to support and develop your team. Don’t just take our word for it, see the results for yourself! #upgradeyourgame.

Coaches, Players and Parents alike could track and monitor the player’s performance, progression, and stats real-time, with the click of a button ensuring a high level of  player/parent engagement.


Are you tired of managing piles of paperwork and struggling to keep track of important details about your players?

Maintain a dynamic digital resume for each player including milestones, medical notes, attendance records, and more. You can now easily track player progression across age groups, capture individual match statistics, and so much more. Streamline your workflow with our modern and intuitive tools #teamsuccess
Koach Hub helps you access all important information you need of a player with just a click of a button making it easily accessible to you at all times.

Get back to enjoying the game you love and save hours upon hours every single week!

Schedule Games and
training sessions

Do you struggle to see who’s available for training and matches? It’s now easier than ever with Koach Hub!

Schedule and manage multiple games across multiple teams within your club or academy and receive RSVP responses real-time!

No more chaos, just organized and efficient planning. #saygoodbyetothechaos

Fully Fledged Messaging

No more endless email threads with players and parents!

Stay connected and on top of things with our all-new messaging feature allowing you to keep everyone updated 24/7.

  • Share documents | videos | Images

Training Hub

Let’s face it, tracking attendance is a hassle, but we got YOU covered!

Leave the paper behind and keep track of your team’s attendance effortlessly with Koach.

In addition, you can easily upload and share session plans, and say goodbye to paper checklists and hello to a digitised workflow process. 

Match Day Hub

Optimise your game strategy and prepare your team for competition!

Replace your tactical board with our easy to use Match Day Hub. 

  • Select your match day formation
  • Create your starting lineup 
  • Manage your substitutes.

Share live match updates of your game via our user friendly scoreboard & help your players progress throughout their journey with individual match statistics and personalized feedback. #winningstrategies

Integrations with Third-Party Data Applications

Koach also has in-built integrations with third-party smart sensors and data providers which will help your club manage all aspects of player data within ONE application!

Monitor and track your players’ progress by integrating with Playermaker and other third-party data tracking applications.

Parent Account Manager

Track your child’s progress from the comfort of your home.

As a parent, you deserve to stay in the know about your child’s activities and progress. That’s why we offer a dedicated Parent Account Manager with a user role that can be linked to multiple players. With this feature, you can easily track and view your child’s schedule, performance, and stats anywhere, anytime. 

Payment Portal

Managing payments just became a breeze!


No more scattered payments and juggling multiple platforms.
  • Seamlessly collect fees through Koach Hub
  • Real-time updates and reconciliation of payments

What we do

  • Drive engagement with players & stakeholders
    • Equip your club to be at the forefront of a high performing environment!
  • Admin Made Easy
    • Our user-friendly platform puts ease of use at the forefront, providing coaches, players and teams with access to the latest technology!
  • Tap into our partner ecosystem
    • Get access to a wide range of services from coach education to wearables to health and nutrition and much more!
  • Generate New Revenue Streams
    • Create new revenue generating capabilities while utilising existing facilities.
  • A Single App for All your Communication
    • No more hunting down phone numbers or email addresses!
      Seamlessly communicate, plan and share information with all.
  • Schedule Games and Training Sessions On-The-Go
    • Last minute changes? No problem!
      We have everything you need to make scheduling a breeze.
  • Individual Action Plans
    • No more scattered stats and missed achievements - Monitor individual player performance through data driven analytics.
  • Streamlined Operations
    • Lighten your load!
      Tired of drowning in paperwork? Get rid of pen and paper and digitize your operations today!

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