Koach Hub together with Cloud283 partners with Ruzai Football Academy

Koach Hub together with its partner for Australia Cloud283 are excited to announce its strategic partnership with Ruzai Football Academy. 

Ruzai Football Academy was founded with the aim of developing footballers from the grassroot level all the way to Youth level. Technical skills are a key focus of the academy, and they offer 3 different levels of development training. In addition, Ruzai will be launching a senior development programme, where senior players from NPL clubs can use the facilities to further improve their skills.

Tariq Cassim, the Co-Founder & CEO of Koach Hub mentioned “I am especially pleased to announce this partnership between Koach Hub and Ruzai Football as one of the goals of our company is all about enabling young academies to grow with the use of technology. This partnership also breaks new ground for Koach as we venture into the Western Australian Territory. A big welcome to the team at Ruzai Football, all its coaches, parents and players!

As part of this partnership, Ruzai Football Academy teams will be using the Koach application as well as sporting the Koach Hub and Cloud283 logo on their player jerseys. This partnership will allow Ruzai Football Academy teams to benefit from the latest technology to improve their performance on the field.

Zaimi Rahim, the Founder and Technical Director of Ruzai Football Academy & Development stated that the benefits of the partnership are to track the development of players through the Koach platform. The purpose would be to have smoother sessions with better communication among players as well as parents. 

Cloud283 is excited to welcome Ruzai Football onboard. We are looking forward to supporting Ruzai and athletes based in Western Australia to achieve their goals. It is an absolute honour to be able to work with Zaimi and his crew. Koach together with Cloud283 are super stoked to be able to provide the right digital tools to help athletes in WA, to be the best they can be.“ said Ahmed Hamead, Founder of Cloud283.

Koach Hub helps clubs and academies maintain a digital resume of players. Its mobile application Koach Aktive offers coaches the ability to maintain and manage player stats and data, assign players to teams, take attendance at games and training sessions, communicate with players and parents, and carry out live-game commentaries. In the ever-developing world of sports technology, Koach Hub continues to be a leader in providing innovative solutions for coaches and clubs.