Koach Hub and Deltras FC Forge Strategic Partnership: A New Era for Indonesian Football

In a landmark move that promises to redefine the landscape of Indonesian football, Koach Hub, a leading sports technology company, has announced its partnership with Liga-2 Club Deltras FC, Surabaya. This collaboration marks a significant milestone not only for both organizations but also for the wider football community in Indonesia.

The journey of this partnership began with a pivotal visit by Koach Hub and Koach Hub’s exclusive partner for Indonesia Garuda Lions FC to the training grounds of Deltras FC, a club with a rich legacy dating back to its inception in 1989. This visit not only underscored the commitment of Koach Hub to engage with football but also laid the foundation for a collaborative venture aimed at fostering talent development and innovation within the sport. 

Central to the discussions were meetings with the club’s management, including the esteemed Technical Director Fakhri, himself an ex-Indonesian National player and Captain. Fakhri’s invaluable insights and vision for the future of Deltras FC resonated with Koach Hub’s mission to revolutionize football through cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions. It became evident that both parties shared a common goal: to propel Indonesian football to new heights of excellence.

As the partnership progresses, efforts are underway to formalize a concrete agreement that will extend beyond the realms of Deltras FC and encompass the broader ecosystem of the YEL League. This strategic move reflects Koach Hub’s holistic approach to collaboration, which seeks to leverage synergies across different facets of the footballing landscape for maximum impact.

Crucially, the partnership extends beyond mere paperwork, emphasizing a hands-on approach to engagement. Koach Hub has embarked on a journey to connect with all stakeholders involved in the YEL League, including the owners and head coaches of the eight clubs participating in the league. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration, Koach Hub aims to co-create solutions that address the evolving needs and challenges faced by Indonesian football clubs.

At its core, this partnership represents more than just a business arrangement—it symbolizes a shared commitment to drive positive change and innovation within Indonesian football. By harnessing the power of technology, data analytics, and collective expertise, Koach Hub and Deltras FC are poised to unlock new opportunities for talent development, performance optimization, and fan engagement.

As the partnership between Koach Hub and Deltras FC takes shape, it serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for football enthusiasts across Indonesia. Together, they are not only writing a new chapter in the history of Indonesian football but also laying the groundwork for a future where innovation and collaboration reign supreme on the pitch.