Koach Hub and The Traveller Football Academy Unite: Tech-Driven Transformation for Sri Lankan Football!

Sri Lankan football is poised for an exciting new chapter! Koach Hub, a leading force in sports technology, has joined forces with The Traveller Football Academy in a pioneering partnership. Chairman of Koach Hub and Founding CEO of Oensys Capital Faiq Faaiz, along with Chairman of The Traveller Global and president of Sounders SC Rizmi Reyal met on the 4th of June to sign the agreement, officially commencing the union!

This collaboration promises to revolutionize football management by leveraging cutting-edge technology to elevate player development and overall performance across the nation.

In reference to this partnership, Afzal Roomy Raheem, Director of Traveller Football Club expressed the following; “The Traveller Football Academy started in 2017 as a CSR project, and now the academy players have been absorbed into The Traveller Football Club, thus promoting continuity. The Club’s Management is seeking to enhance efficiency and has initiated the process of integrating technology into the realm of football. These advantages are highlighted below as Football clubs are increasingly collaborating with software companies to enhance their operations and fan experiences. These partnerships often involve the implementation of cutting-edge technology to streamline internal communications, manage data, and improve decision-making processes. 

For instance, Manchester City has extended its partnership with Qualtrics to better understand fan feedback and improve match day experiences, FC Bayern Munich has extended its partnership with SAP to support business processes and fan engagement, while Real Madrid and HP announced historic global collaboration. Similarly, AC Milan has renewed its partnership with Iterpro to digitize internal processes and leverage data-driven insights for strategic decisions.”

This partnership signifies a powerful union, driven by a shared vision to propel Sri Lankan football forward through innovation. Koach Hub’s expertise in sports technology will be combined with the Academy’s established training programs. Together, we hope to create a dynamic environment where data-driven insights and pioneering solutions will empower coaches, optimize player performance and nurture new possibilities for player development.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Traveller Football Club onboard Koach Hub. To find out more about their vision and the activities they engage in particularly within the Gampola region in Sri Lanka is very impressive and inspiring. We look forward to this collaboration where we get to unite our mission to take football to greater heights. By partnering with Koach Hub, the Club joins a movement which is revolutionizing the game in multiple nations. And with this partnership, we at Koach are eager to see sports technology streamline club management and unlock player potential like never before in Sri Lanka!” commented Faiq Faaiz, Co-founder of Koach Hub. 

Stay tuned to witness this partnership in action and find out how you can be part of taking this beautiful game to new heights as we explore and ignite the untapped potential waiting to be unleashed across our island.