Unearthing Mekong Gems: How Singaporean coaches in Laos are scouting talent with Singapore startup Koach Hub


VIENTIANE, LAOS — In a groundbreaking move towards modernizing player development and scouting, the Laos Football Federation (LFF) has officially entered into a partnership with the Singaporean sports technology company, Koach Hub. This strategic alliance aims to leverage Koach Hub’s cutting-edge football academy management and scouting platform to identify and nurture hidden footballing talents across the diverse landscapes of Laos.

Situated amid the enchanting Southeast Asian setting, Laos envisions a future of footballing glory, and the collaboration with Koach Hub is a pivotal step towards realizing this dream. The traditional methods of scouting, often reliant on whispers and chance encounters, have proven insufficient in unearthing talents hidden in remote villages with limited exposure. Recognizing this challenge, the LFF has embraced Koach Hub’s innovative platform, enabling the federation to transcend geographical boundaries and tap into the wealth of potential scattered throughout the country.

Under the leadership of the Technical Director and Singaporean football legend, V Sundram Moorthy, and Head of Coach Learning Herman Zailani, the LFF is set to revolutionize its scouting and data analysis operations. This partnership allows data from matches in remote areas to be seamlessly input into the platform, providing coaches and analysts with unparalleled access to a concealed pool of talent. This transformative approach aims to uncover more talents like Bounphachan Bounkong, an attacking midfielder who emerged from a village tournament to become a valuable asset to the national team.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Koach Hub. The Champi Champa Football Academy, as the heart of our national youth setup, will undergo complete digitization through Koach Hub’s platform. This means that every operation within the academy will be seamlessly integrated, with a strong emphasis on player data. It’s a monumental step towards fostering a data-driven, comprehensive approach to player development” said Sundram Moorthy.

Herman further added “In addition to the Champi Champa Football Academy, Koach Hub’s platform will also play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of coaches within the LFF. The platform offers state-of-the-art tools for data analysis, training program design, and player performance evaluation. This ensures that coaches are equipped with the latest technology to maximize their impact on player development, providing them with insights that were previously inaccessible.”

As the LFF embraces technology to uncover hidden gems and elevate footballing standards in Laos, the collaboration with Koach Hub marks a significant milestone in the federation’s commitment to excellence.

“We at Koach Hub are excited and privileged to be given this opportunity to work with the LFF to positively impact grassroots football through technology. We have no doubt Koach Hub with the combined expertise of V Sundramoorthy, Herman and all at LFF will take football in Laos to greater heights” said Co-Founder of Koach Hub Ramanan in closing.

Koach Hub is a local sports tech startup with clients in 11 countries. For more, please visit koachhub.com