Koach Hub and HTX Sports Tech Team Up to Democratize Technology in Grassroots Soccer

[Singapore | Houston, TX] – Singapore-based sports technology company Koach Hub is looking to expand its presence in the US market through a new partnership with HTX Sports Tech. The collaboration aims to enhance the sports experience for athletes, coaches, and fans alike by bringing together Koach Hub’s innovative platform and HTX’s expertise in the sports tech industry. 

Founded in 2021, Koach Hub has quickly gained popularity in Singapore and beyond for its cutting-edge platform that facilitates the tracking of player data and statistics and improving player engagement. With a focus on Gen Z gameplay techniques, Koach Hub empowers coaches and administrators to track every individual player’s progress through data-driven analytics, while also providing the Club or Academy with an all-in-one platform to plan & schedule games and training sessions, communicate with players and coaches, track live match stats, and provides integrations to many third-party wearable devices. 

Through innovative partnerships and strategic alliances with US and international stakeholders, HTX Sports Tech is dedicated to advancing the sports economy and building a future where technology enhances the sports experience for all. 

Speaking about this partnership, Co-Founder and CEO Tariq said We at Koach Hub are very excited about this partnership as this enables us to take our technology across continents to the US where soccer just surpassed ice hockey as the 4th most popular sport in the country. Also given that the US would be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2026, we hope to ride that wave and take the tracking of youth player development to the next level 

As Koach Hub looks to enter the US market and expand its global reach, this partnership provides the perfect opportunity to achieve its goals. Together, Koach Hub and HTX Sports Tech are committed to enhancing the sports experience for athletes, coaches, and fans through innovative technology solutions. 

We’re thrilled to partner with Koach Hub because their platform brings immense value to parents, coaches, and athletes. The commitment to user experience, accessibility, and innovation in sports technology make it an ideal solution for enhancing the learning and development of athletes. With the integration of these key features, Koach Hub provides a seamless and intuitive experience for all users, creating a game-changing solution for the industry.shared Nate Thompson, Co-Founder of HTX Sports Tech. 

About Koach Hub: Singapore based Koach Hub is a Sports Tech startup which specializes in an all-in-one player development & data, communications and scheduling platform aimed at the world of soccer. One of the main goals of Koach is to democratize technology especially within the grassroots and development level of the game, where there is a massive void in the use of standardized technology catering to player development. 

About HTX Sports Tech: HTX Sports Tech is a consultancy that specializes in offering strategic guidance to sports organizations, innovation ecosystems, governing bodies, academic institutions, and startups focused on the sports industry. With a focus on tech solutions related to health & wellness, technology management, and xperiential HTX is creating a world where sports & technology intersect to enhance the sports experience for all, and the sports economy is advanced through innovative partnerships and strategic alliances in the US and internationally.