Analyzing Past Performance to Strategize Future Wins.

Forbes, in one of their articles,  mentioned that the analytics market for sports is expected to reach $4 billion by 2022. That is how big the demand for sports analytics will be by the end of 2022. Every professional sportsman and sports woman knows the importance of analytics in the game and its influence in sports is growing steadily. Sports analytics today is a much wider spectrum than old school metrics and game performance.  

Specifically, Soccer analytics is a very important area that coaches are beginning to focus on. Its role in  developing players by focusing on metrics  to grow their potential is a trend that is catching on in clubs and academies the world over.  

Player Analysis

The skill  and engagement levels of a player can be monitored by analysing the players past performances. Apart from the sports angle, the level of enthusiasm can be measured by analysing how much time a player would take to complete their tasks and assigned engagements in comparison with the rest of the team. 

A coach who has access to uploaded video footage of a particular player can analyse the footage to assess his players. This helps coaches train players and create  individual action plans for continuous improvement. This is one area Koach can help with and with consistent data driven feedback coaches can help players understand their strengths and work on their weaknesses.  

Pre-Match Analysis

Pre match analysis is an important area in soccer where data from recent match analysis, formations, goals scored can be used to formulate a strategy for the next upcoming match.  Players’ current  form  including information on their injuries and medical conditions can be efficiently displayed in a dashboard for quick and easy decision making. Once the coach has the player evaluations and action plans in place, the coach can build sessions via Aktive’s session builder and plan for future matches in detail. This feature provides the coach with the  options to change formations and create their starting lineup.

Post-Match Analysis 

The Aktive  platform provides different types of reports generated via the data collected by the coaches during the match. it provides basic information such as match attendance, player ratings, scores, used and unused substitutes, red/yellow cards collected and total minutes played by each player just to name a few. This data is also aggregated over an entire season to give the club or academy a full 360 degree view of the team. 

Koach with Aktive is an Edutainment platform that allows clubs and academies conduct remote training sessions and automates the administrative aspects of running a club or academy. It is in essence a platform that has been built with user experience as its core concern to ensure players of all ages stay engaged as life-long enthusiasts of the game..

Player Engagement 101 on Koach

These are unprecedented times where businesses have to adapt to the constantly changing environment. And it has been no different for sports coaches as well. During the lockdown phase, coaches needed to find creative ways to keep players occupied and focused. The pandemic has also made it challenging for coaches to organize spot tests and on-field skill assessments. It quickly became evident that creative methods were required to keep players engaged while monitoring their progress remotely.

This is where an evolving platform like Koach, gives coaches an ideal platform to plan, schedule, monitor and analyze home-based training and assessments. Here is what Koach can do for you.

Schedule trainings with reminders
Koach has the ability to set training with time limits and deadlines to complete. It also gives coaches or managers the ability to compare players against each other.

Set mandatory training sessions
Our platform gives access to coaches and managers to set mandatory training by simply adding specific training video, assessments, or documents to the platform and set deadlines for them to be completed. Reminders could also be set to notify all users of their mandatory content.

Create, track and monitor assessments
Be it a coach or player, no matter whose proficiency you want to assess, the Koach platform can rapidly create assessments and insert it to specific videos or series of videos.

Choose the right type of assessment from multiple configuration options
Assessments can be delivered in three configurations: mid-video assessments, end-video assessments and standalone assessments. They can be configured in a way where the user is aware of exactly which video needs to be consumed to attempt a particular assessment.

Data driven feedback & reports to monitor players
With Koach’s dashboards and reports, the team’s progress can be easily tracked with data-driven feedback and reports. Koach is engineered to provide you with the analytics of each player’s competence to help coaches identify areas of improvement and unlock the team’s full potential.

Koach by Knod is a streaming platform that is built to facilitate remote learning. With a sleek and intuitive interface, Koach forms a stage for an on-demand learning platform for you to easily consume new content, stay updated with the latest organization information and policies, and administer assessments to ensure every team member remains relevant.

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